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Custom-made solutions to turn your business into a pleasurable and profitable experience.

Gastronomy is not just about making money off selling good food. It’s about what you can convey through that food, about choosing a message and concept to send out, about the joy of being able to create an experience that indulges all five senses; but also about optimizing resources and about having a staff that can deliver. It’s a game of creativity and resourcefulness.Failing to see this and lacking the tools to apply it, is what holds back most restaurants from being successful and profitable. We are a gastronomic assessment and optimization service that improves business performance by using a unique, proven and measurable formula of experience, skills, marketing and, most importantly, emotional engagement.

Chef Martin Büchele was introduced to his trade in early years. His career quickly took him through several Relais & Chateaux Hotels in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Ireland before crossing the ocean to take on his first Chef de Cuisine role in Canada and, subsequently, the same role in Fairmont Dubai, UAE. This was followed by a new appointment as Executive Chef of Ritz-Carlton in Kuala Lumpur. Soon enough, he discovered that the office with a window was not part of his aspirations in life, so he started a journey through Asia and the Indian subcontinent which ended in a Buddhist monastery in Kathmandu. He learned the Buddhist values of compassion and dedication to the good of all mankind. This change in his life style had an effect on his culinary creativity since he no longer “just cooked” but had started to understand the energies responsible for our wellbeing and happiness, that are present in all that surrounds us. He currently resides in Bali where he creates and further develops his revolutionary style of “vibrational cuisine”.

Services Offered

Culinary coaching
Culinary basics and advanced training – cooking techniques for cold, hot and pastry kitchen – dietary training and cooking for allergies – raw, vegan and wellness cuisine – standardized recipes, mise en place, work flow and pick up charts – introduction to innovative new cooking styles with local ingredients.
Menu engineering
Identify top and bottom sellers, work on a strategy to gradually increase the number of top selling items – keeping in mind the need for culinary novelty and creativity. Menu fonts, layout and positioning to visually promote top margin dishes.
Revenue Optimization
Revenue growth, product availability development, consumer behavior predictions, streamline production techniques.
Time Management and Hygiene Optimization
HACCP food hygiene assessment and recommendations, Recommended safe work practices and health & safety considerations. Optimized food flow, preparation timings and kitchen organizational chart Streamline production and offerings to reduce food cost and wastage.
Supply and storage optimization
From supplier and food delivery to storage of base produce, preparation, mise en place and on the line finishing solutions.
Service flow optimization
Consciously direct the guest flow, upselling initiatives for Front of House, kitchen organization and flow chart during service times.
Team management & motivational tools
Tips and tricks for managing groups of people Identifying top performers and creating employee development plans.
Rebranding, repositioning and marketing
Sales solutions focused on strengthening your brand and reaching out to a larger market.
Creativity applied to gastronomy
Creative thinking applied to the gastronomic industry. Learn to see every step of the process as an opportunity for improvement and find new angles from which to face challenges.

How we work


Stage 1

Assessment and service evaluation

A deep, structural and thorough analysis of your current situation in all of its aspects: infrastructure, food supply and storage, kitchen organization, menu analysis, operational capabilities, time management, customer service, marketing and branding, creativity and gastronomic concept. This will lead to a diagnostic of your actual status. Apart from helping you understand your situation in depth, it will give us the base to determine how to work together on the second and most important phase: CHANGE.


Stage 2

Coaching and training process

We’ll decide which of the above aspects have potential for development and commit to a success strategy. The most important part of this process: We will not overthrow your whole operation; We’ll enable you and your employees for being able to recognize and correct any challenges on your own. We’ll give you the tools you need to see beyond old patterns and apparent boundaries, to be more creative, resourceful and innovative with your ideas, which will help you to continuously refresh your business to satisfy the ever-changing needs of your guests and create customers for life.

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